At the top boards the players were consolidating their current tournament rankings with quick draws. That means that IM Jose Rafael Gascon from Venezuela is now on 6.5 out of 8 and still a full point ahead of the rest of the field. Irine Sukandar did come to board with the intention of trying to beat the tournament leader and declined the first draw offer, but got nothing from the opening.

With 13.Bg5?! she was the first one to commit an inaccuracy and after she came to realise that, a draw was agreed anyway. The grandmasters facing eachother on the second board (Szabo-Ernst) were not going to risk anything and agreed to a draw after some theoretical moves in the Ruy Lopez.

Katerina Nemcova also kept the risk at a minimum by playing the French exchange variation against Humberto Pecorelli. Allowing the light squared bishop to be exchanged for a knight was not part of the plan, so that was her reason to offer a draw, which was accepted. Warren Elliot and Edwin van Haastert compensated for the lack of action on the top boards by playing a wildly entertaining game. After many adventures and missed wins for both players, the game eventually ended in a draw as well.

Terry Farley was upset about his loss against Ryan Harper. In an unclear position he tried to crash through with sharp tactical moves, but that backfired badly. In Ariel Marichal versus Jose Luis Vilela the latter was pushing for quite a while with his pair of bishops, but at the end the opposite coloured bishop ending was drawn. After today there are still three Surinamese players that can reach 50%. The last round encounter between Viresh Giasi and Suradj Hanoeman will most likely decide who is the Surinamese player with the highest tournament performance.