Blitz & Novices Tournament

The organizing committee will give all other players the possibility to play against the master in the 1st Srefidensi Chess Celebration Blitz Tournament. The tournament will be played according to the Swiss format consisting of 9 rounds. Any player who wishes to participate must register in person at the playing venue tomorrow at 13:00. The tournament will commence on 14:00.Prices are available for the top 10 ranked players and the best woman of the tournament.

For our upcomming chess players we also have the 1st Srefidensi Celebration Novices Class tournament. Here there are 75 prices in total that can be won! Beginning players who wish to participate must register in person tomorrow untill 13:00. The novices will play their first round at 14:00.

Everyone is welcome! Let's celebrate together!!!


Master Report 9

The Srefidensi Chess Celebration has come to an end. As the governor of the Central Bank of Suriname, Gillmore Hoefdraad, noted at the closing ceremony, this first edition of the tournament will always be remembered as a very special one. The chairman of the Surinam Chess Federation, Frank Lo Kim Lin, added that all goals for this chess festival were reached. Parallel to the last round of the Master Tournament and the Open Tournament, there was a tournament with 160 school kids.

As for the Master Tournament, IM Thomas Willemze quickly drew his game against IM Gerardo Lebredo Zaragoitia, to secure tournament victory. During his previous stay in Suriname, Willemze didn't play any games himself, so he really enjoyed his participation in the tournament and is already looking forward to his next trip to Suriname.

In the battle for second place, GM Jha Sriram quickly got a very promising position against FM Ryan Harper, and won convincingly. The only lady in the top group, WGM Alina L'Ami, took third place, by beating Romario Sanches with a successful queenside attack. IM Luis Lazaro Aguero Jimenez beat his fellow countryman IM Jose Luis Vilela De Acuna, after the latter weakened his king position.

FM Roger Matoewi played a gentlemen's draw against FM Dewperkash Gajadin, and finished as the best Surinam player. Gajadin, who in fact won a medal at the 1984 chess olympiad, had a really tough tournament, since his work as a medical doctor doesn't leave too much time for chess.

1st Srefidensi standings after round 9:
1 Willemze (7)
2 Sriram (6.5)
3-4 L'Ami, Aguero Jimenez (6)
5 Harper (5.5)
6 Vilela De Acuna (5)
7 Lebredo Zaragoitia (4)
8 Matoewi (3)
9 Sanches (1.5)
10 Gajadin (0.5)

IM Merijn van Delft


Master Report 8

IM Thomas Willemze knows how to pick his fights, and against WGM Alina L'Ami he figured that a draw with the black pieces would be decent result. The only lady in the group didn't mind a quick draw and some extra rest before the final round.

FM Ryan Harper outprepared his opponent IM Jose Luis Vilela De Acuna and got a technically winning position with a piece against two pawns. From that point on he started to drift though and after some hardly visible, but instructive mistakes, Vilela De Acuna took over and showed that he excels in the endgame.

FM Roger Matoewi and GM Jha Sriram delivered a fantastic fight. First Black was clearly better, than White, and in the end a repetition of moves led to a draw. IM Luis Lazaro Aguero Jimenez slowly but surely outplayed Romario Sanches positionally. When it rains, it pours, so FM Dewperkash Gajadin also lost his 8th game against IM Gerardo Lebredo Zaragoitia.

1st Srefidensi standings after round 8:
1 Willemze (6.5)
2-3 Sriram, Harper (5.5)
4-6 Aguero Jimenez, L'Ami, Vilela De Acuna (5)
7 Lebredo Zaragoitia (3.5)
8 Matoewi (2.5)
9 Sanches (1.5)
10 Gajadin (0)

IM Merij van Delft


Master Report 7

Time is flying when you're in a chess tournament and by now seven rounds have already been played in the Master Tournament. IM Thomas Willemze consolidated his lead by beating Romario Sanches. The Surinam Champion certainly had his chances though, most notably the simple 32...Bxb5, when only White is in danger of losing.

FM Ryan Harper did a good job staying in the Dutchman's slipstream by beating the strong Cuban IM Luis Lazaro Aguero Jimenez in a pretty attacking game. Trinidad and Tobago's number one was happy to present the game to the audience in the commentary room and now needs 1.5 points from the remaining 2 rounds for his first IM norm. GM Jha Sriram did not manage to win his game, because IM Gerardo Lebredo Zaragoitia defended very stubbornly throughout the game.

Even more stubborn defence was shown by FM Roger Matoewi, who happily defended his position with Black against IM Jose Luis Vilela De Acuna for no less than 188 moves, before the draw was signed. WGM Alina L’Ami successfully executed a classical dark-squared strategy to beat FM Dewperkash Gajadin.

1st Srefidensi standings after round 7:
1 Willemze (6)
2 Harper (5.5)
3 Sriram (5)
4 L'Ami (4.5)
5-6 Aguero Jimenez, Vilela De Acuna (4)
7 Lebredo Zaragoitia (2.5)
8 Matoewi (2)
9 Sanches (1.5)
10 Gajadin (0)

IM Merijn van Delft


IM Thomas Willemze leads the Master Class

The Dutch International Master Thomas Willemze is leading the Master Class of the Srefidensi Chess Celebration with 5 points out of 6 games. Willemze is closely followed by Grandmaster Sriram Jha of India and Fide Master Ryan Harper of Trinidad and Tobago.

Master Class

Willemze had to compete in the sixth round against IM Lazaro Aguero from Cuba. The Cuban chessplayer made a mistake and lost the game. The game between Harper and the Surinamese Fide Master Roger Matoewi ended in a draw, because Matoewi forced an Eternal Chess. Jha faced the Woman Grandmaster Alina L' Ami from Romania. The Indian grandmaster could not find a hole with his black pieces, so this game also ended in a draw. The game of the National Champion of Suriname Romario Sanches against FM Dewperkash Gajadin ended in the favour of Sanches.

Open Class

Frank Sears from Trinidad and Tobago and the Surinamese Youth Champion Calvin Tjong Tjin Joe are leading the Open Class. This duo managed to lead this class with a hundred percent score out of four games. Gavin Ooft could hold a draw in the fourth round in a thrilling fight against the Tobagian Marcus Joseph. Sears and Tjong Tjin Joe managed to win Esan Wiltshire from T & T and Anthony Draython Guyana respectively. The fifth round is going to be a clash between the leaders Tjong Tjin Joe and Sears.

The final round of the Srefidensi event is played on the Independence Day of the Republic of Suriname. After the final round, there will be a grand chess event in the afternoon. De Surinaamse Schaakbond is planning to have 200 novices in the event that is going to be held at the parking lot of Hotel Royal Torarica.

Vishay Hardwarsing